Healing cards are energy cards, that can be used for
meditation or also for self-treatment.

The Healing Cards can either be placed on your body, or you can also absorb the energy by contemplation with your eyes only. You can also just keep the card in between your hands and feel how its effects unfold when the soul moves in response to the help offered by the healing light.

The cards have also been designed to put water or food on them for programming. So you can incorporate the healing information through food or water and thus „ inform yourself and reprogram for healing.”

We have developed different cards for Spiritual Healing, that can target and treat certain issues. Those issues are directly prompted and supported, whilst stimulating your life force and alleviating your symptoms.

The programming of the healing cards establishes contact with the healing power and the spiritual help of the energy card, triggers a transformation, renewal and restoration of the spirit, of the body and in the cells.

„As the shaping of a key provides the mechanism to open a door, these pre-programmed cards are the key to open the soul. The soul recognizes the power of creation, as expressed through the healing card.” (Alexander Toskar)

You can buy these cards individually or as a set. Developed and programmed by Lutz und Bettina Meyer.

Rezession Susan-Katrin R.

My experiences with the healing cards are as different as the cards themselves. I was given the first card when feeling very low. It represents perfectly warmth and security. The statement of the image penetrated my heart and gave me exactly this message, so that it brought me the trust in warmth and security over a long period of time.

Today, after 3 months, I feel much better as those feelings were also given back to me by others. The neutralise card was very useful to me, since when I placed medicines on it, they turned out to do precisely the task they were meant to and did not bother me with any side effects, as it had been the case in the past when I had to take antibiotics. At the same time, I put the big power card onto where I had been operated and noticed a fast and good healing process.

I no longer can do without these cards.