Healing with the help of healing stones, crystals and gems has been long used in many cultures all over the world.

Similar to humans, crystals have a life that is marked by birth, growth, age and death. Nevertheless, the lifespan of the crystals is a million times longer than our human one.
Their lifespan is so long that they have stocked the memory of long past times and thus could be considered the “memory” of our planet. These special features are enhanced by the special property of crystals bundling light information which can then be directed in the required direction.

As light bearers, crystals are able to forward it in the way of cell
information, which in turn makes it possible to heal all kinds of limits in our physical and more subtle bodies.

“Rock crystals are particularly effective because they have a high concentration of powers that bring clarity and purity to the treated body.”

Rock crystals are formed in the inside of the earth under the influence of heat and pressure. They have an hexagonal structure, incredibly similar to a honeycomb, and are interspersed with small openings on the sides that run a
sort of a tunnel up to the top of the crystal. These openings direct the light and the energy up to the top, and that is where the initial impulse –amplified by 50 times- comes out again like a laser beam.

This is how we manage to remove old incrustations during the treatment with rock crystals and to liberate conditionings and
behavioural patterns.
A cleaning and clarification process activates our self-healing powers, prompted by the work with crystals. Using a crystal stick it is possible to remove mental and physical blockages in a matter of a few seconds. The entire energy system is put in perfect balance with this method. You can also remove scars with the application of crystals.

“All types of scars caused by accidents as well as a result of