Spirituelle Gebaeudereinigung

Spiritual and energetical cleaning of houses and buildings

Cleaning, power and protection for home and environment.
Our health is increasingly at risk from electrosmog and environmental toxins, nanoparticles, micro-plastics, drug residues and a lot more!

Our lives today are obviously endangered by a multitude dangerous,
omnipresent energetic influences. Residential homes and commercial buildings are often affected by disturbing energies of different origins.
The consequences are quite manifold, but it is often difficult to classify them properly.

This includes:

• problems of the metabolism
and the nervous system
• acidosis
• migraines
• fatigue and insomnia
• noises in your ears (tinnitus) • allergies and immune disorders
• depression and anxiety
• cancer
• and many more

These burdens are made more recognisable after a spiritual treatment..
People often notice due to their refined perception after such treatments that they do not feel completely comfortable in their house, in the apartment, at their place of work or on the property.
This kind of healing is also suitable for buildings. Stressful or pathogenic
influences can be harmonised and suppressed through alchemy.

All the energies that represent a burden, disruption or are causing
illness to the human organism, are transformed from a distance by a
spiritual force field and have their effects harmonized
Energies in buildings including water veins, earth rays, television, WLAN
and antenna rays, radiation from building materials, environmental toxins, industrial residues, remnants of energy and resources from
warfare and much more are the subjects of the energetical treatments.

Other stresses in humans are caused by food additives, artificial fertilizers, undesirable drug effects, amalgam fillings etc. to name a few.

These disorders are addressed in the context of a personal spiritual healing and will then be alchemically removed or neutralized.

Please send us a photo (and if possible a plan)
of the house, building or office by mail. Attach your name,
address and phone number, as well as an email address.

Appointments can only be made by prior telephone consultation!