avatara, Wer sind wir?

Lutz and Bettina Meyer are spiritual healers

Both together offer treatments and seminars, they work in Spain,
Germany and worldwide. With there work, they try to support people during their healing process and along their personal growth with loving devotion.

“The own spiritual development was shaped and promoted in a very special way by the spiritual impulses – which we experienced ourselves.It is our deep desire to share this experience, both extraordinary and liberating, with as many people as possible in this

Following his school ducation, Lutz Meyer studied dentistry in Freiburg. Shortly after graduation, during the first years as a dentist, he started an additional training beyond classical western medicine education: In 1987 he started his training in acupuncture, the beginning of a whole series of studies in energetic healing methods. Thus, soon after he felt a strong interest for naturopathy and decided to take the pertinent studies in that subject.

Lutz Meyer got time for a comprehensive further development of his spirituality in 2000 when he moved to Spain. He became more and more aware of his ability for energy healing methods and continued developing it in addition to his work as a dentist in his practice.

Wer wir sind! avatara!
Lutz & Bettina Meyer

Lutz M. Meyer

He received a clear and strong message to offer his healing work in the form of service to others.
This was followed by a variety of further instructions and teachings by healers in Asia and South and Central America. Today Lutz combines Western medicine, modern quantum-technical healing practices and the traditional spiritual healing of the ancestors with other forms of spiritual healing and thus builds bridges between the worlds, between the old and the new and regards himself as a pioneer in being a physician and a healer at the same time. He works and teaches as a healer and spiritual master to help people accept and experience spiritual healing as a natural experience.

Her very first professional experiences come in the form of a civil servant. However, after a maternity leave she felt a strong desire to do more for other people, and therefore completed a first further training in medical pedicure.

During the years of her work in the pedicure field, Bettina noticed that she received spontaneous information about the
health of her patients whilst she looked after them. In an “accidental” meeting on the street with a healer, her back pain
was spontaneously healed. The pain disappeared, but by this her
lasting interest in spiritual healing was born!

After moving to Spain, she
received a new impetus and began to practice her healing activity.
With enthusiasm and joy she travelled to Laos, Peru, Bhutan, Nepal and other countries to work with other healers around the world and to expand her knowledge and skills. With Alexander and Caroline Toskar she carried out further training as a
healer for Spiritual Straightening of the spine according to the teachings of Pyotr Elkunoviz.
As a practitioner of spiritual healing, Bettina has a particularly deep access to the heart level of her clients and uses this gift to deeply heal the people who come to see her. Her sensitive treatment in combination with her strong visionary qualities enables Bettina to spiritual healing at the highest level. Spiritual healing has become Bettina’s true life’s work.

Bettina Meyer