Healing is a desire from those, who suffer from disorders or illnesses.

Any distorder or illness begins with a loss of inner balance and is
therefore the result of a disturbance in the ethereal energetic field of the person concerned.

Possible causes include stress, frustration, strife, anger, traumas of various causes, worries, fears and loss of partners, parents or other family members and friends. Wellbeing disorders often lead to illness that can remain as a result of this emotional disorder. The cause of these diseases is therefore in the spiritual area.

For this reason, the approach to such a suffering on the physical level (material level) with the measures of modern Western medicine is often unsuccessful, since the approach to solving the problem does not take place at the cause level. This means that you have to recognize the difference between curing (treating) and healing!

Curing consists in the treatment of the disease and the elimination of the symptoms. Everyone knows examples of where someone has received
treatment but has not been cured. Unfortunately, in such cases, the
symptoms returned.

Healing is aimed at the cause of the disease (which is usually an
emotional trauma) and the resulting poisoned, harmful feelings that separate the person from joy and health. For a spiritual healer, illness is the manifestation of trauma within the body’s energy field (aura).

The markers of the trauma remain in the person’s energy field, which are triggered again and again and thus become the “story of life” of the person concerned. Healing happens when these markers are removed from the energy field and the field is cleared again. Once the cause of the problem has been identified and the field has been cleaned, the problem that caused the disease is eliminated, the emotional fuel is extinguished and healing occurs spontaneously so the symptoms disappear from alone.

A basic requirement for those seeking help is the willingness to take responsibility for the respective situation and to feel the strong desire for healing, which always has to be completed by the desire for change, because healing takes place by correcting thoughts, beliefs and programmings about ourselves and thus about our (inner) world.

Conclusion: Healing always begins first in the mind

Healing with the power of spirit is not a new invention, but has been used in all parts of the world for millennia. For example, mothers intuitively lay their hands on their children when the little ones have complaints.

Spiritual healing has a variety of different procedures, the spectrum is extremely large. The type of application is very different individually and depends very much on the respective problems of those seeking help.

Thus, the process of spiritual healing is very variable and adapted to the question and the problem to be treated. The goal is always to restore health and integrity of body, mind and soul. Spiritual healing energetically activates and supports people’s self-healing powers and
promotes healing in a holistic sense.

The spiritual healer is neither a doctor nor a naturopaths, no diagnoses are made and no promise of healing is given.