“May every human become who he really is: spiritual, perfect and healthy”. (Quote by Alexander Toskar)

Avatara offers a whole range of spiritual and energy healing methods that make it possible to help and even find a solution for different topics, contents, problems and pathologies.

Our goal is mainly to help those people who, having been through the grid of conventional and “modern” medicine, have failed to find a solution and did not get the help that they wished and expected.

We are aiming mainly at those people suffering from chronic mental health issues.

“Avatara basically works with holistic healing methods that seek the restoration of the unity and integrity of the body, mind and spirit”.

Amongst others we offer

  • Divine Straightening following Pyotr Elkunoviz’s technique
  • Reiki
  • spiritual healing practices and spiritual alchemy, crystal healing, metamorphosis, etc.
  • DI (Divine Intervention)
  • Radionics (Quantec)
  • Shamanic healing methods from different continents
  • Shamanic therapies

Each application of the above depends on the individual needs and preferences of our clients. We provide advice and information in order to offer the best approach for each individual and tailor it to the needs of each person.



Divine Straightening

The divine straightening of the spine is for both, Lutz Meyer and Bettina Josten, based on deep convictions and also from their own personal experience, the true beginning of a

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Energy Healing

Energy healing methods offer something special to help those who need it, and on equal footing with conventional medicine, naturopathy and other therapeutic approaches …

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Remote treatment

There is the possibility of remote energy work on people without it carrying any loss of quality. This is possible because energy is effectively outside of time and space 

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Healing of animals

For many people, animals play an important role in their lives. This often results in a particularly close relationships, being part of the family and also aware of the specific topics 

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Spiritual Alchemy

UOur health is threatened by electro smog, earth radiation and environmental toxins! We offer cleaning, empowering and protection of your home and environment. Our life is influenced today by

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Reiki treatment

Avatara offers its clients Reiki treatments. We work according to the teachings of the founder, the Japanese micro Usui. We share his belief that we act as a channel for the energy …

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