Geistige Heilweisen

„With the healers and spiritual masters Lutz & Bettina Meyer“

Spiritual healing methods offer special offers to those seeking help,
which is on an equal footing with conventional medicine, naturopathy
and other therapeutic approaches.
Nevertheless, they are not in competition with those and are not seeking
to displace those.

In contrast to the approaches of Western medicine, no anamnese or medical diagnosis is required for mental healing methods so that
spiritual healing is effectively working – therefore the medically
diagnosed type and severity of a disease and its treatment are not
directly related to the procedure and the result of Medical treatments!

Spiritual / energetic healing methods and their application and use belong to the ancient knowledge of indigenous peoples all over the world. People around the world have been healing for more than 20,000 years with such healing concepts. They are part of the recognized heritage of mankind. This enormously long time that these healing
methods are used continuously for the well-being of people – and this in all parts of the world – proves the power that is provided and the benefit that people must have gained over this tremendous period of time, otherwise the survival of such healing practices over this period cannot be explained at all! With the transition to the Aquarian Age, these “old
healing energies” are now joined by the “new energies“ of this dawning epoch.

“From the great variety of spiritual healing methods available today,
Avatara offers those that suite best in the present age and which effectively combine the old and new energies in its healing work”.

Through spiritual healing, people can come back into touch with their soul and with their original power. The energies cause an acceleration of the vibration of the physical body and all its more subtle bodies: with the help of spiritual treatment, the person seeking help gets supply of more
power, which helps the client to activate the self-healing powers of his body. The main aim is always to restore harmony of body, mind and

Energetic healing methods can be used:

  • as a support and complement of any other conventional therapy, be it before, during or after the same.
  • in stress conditions
  • in cases of fatigue and lethargy
  • to remove blockages, traumas, behavioral patterns
  • in case of physical and mental injuries
  • to achieve a more harmonious flow of life energy through the body
  • to relieve pain
  • to be able to better recognize your own needs and your own life path
  • in case of sleep disorders, mood disorders
  • in periods with problems in family and partnership
  • if there is a discrepancy in the relationship with the ancestors
  • and others