Most people are aware that in their lives they are also determined by what affects them from their ancestors. But very few of us understand in complete the full extent of what energetically acts on every human being as a result of their ancestors remaining energies.

The Chinese know the most about this nowadays: They assume that their actions will have an impact on the next 7 generations. On the other side, they recognize in themselves the influence of all the experiences and all the actions of the past 7 generations. For healers in Nepal and Tibet, however, this influence goes much further than usually can be imagined: they recognize influences and
energies in humans that come from a much longer period, they see forces present that come from the 21 previous generations and the 21 following generations. For these traditional healers, as an analogy, man is the trees trunk, the ancestors are its roots and the treetop above represents the descendants of the coming generations. All of this is naturally interconnected and each condition influences all the others.

For that reason it is not surprising, that people quite often suffer from energetic impact from their family, which they cannot assign at all, especially since they even don’t know them anymore. Family constellation deals with this topic nowadays, but you usually don’t get past the second generation.

Healing the ancestral tribe or family heart is a healing method that nowenables family healing in a completely different way. The entire energetic field of the family will be filled with new energy and blockages in the weave of the individual lines are released and old disturbances get raised to another level and the way for healing is cleared.

The effects of such a family healing are manifold; afterwards clients may experience that physical symptoms disappear, that have accompanied them throughout their lives and the causes of which were unknown. In
addition, there are very often significant improvements in the
psychological area, when the blockages triggered by the ancestors are released and the liberation and release of these (mental) bonds occurs. Above all, however, powers are released that were not previously available and this enables the clients to reshape their lives, free of inhibitory influences that previously affected them from their ancestry.

Healing the family heart is a wonderful healing method that not only helps the person who is undergoing this treatment, but is also a powerful help for the ancestors themselves and thus helps to heal their blockages
and disorders in today’s world.