Mambyo – no reiyaku

The marvellous medicine for all

Avatara offers Reiki treatments for you. We work according to the teachings of its founder, Japanese Mikro Usui.
We share his belief that we act as a channel for the energy during Reiki
treatment. Differently to other energy healing methods, where the healer ends up exhausted and drained after laying his/her hands on the patient, in this case the reiki giver usually considers the use of the reiki energy as refreshing and energizing.

As the healer acts as a channel of the universal energy and doesn’t give away his own energy, it happens that in this case the treatment is beneficial for both the healer, as well as the patient. In fact, the application of this life energy will mostly bring only good things! What we aim to achieve by applying Reiki is physical, spiritual,
emotional and social health, the strengthening of your self-healing
powers, as well as overcoming and curing diseases completely.
When applying Reiki what we do is bring energy to those parts of the
body that need it –(Shinshin kaizen- in order to improve mind and body:

„Let Reiki flow and the energy will go freely where it is

The laying on of hands is perceived as very pleasant and helpful and sends you very quickly into a deep state of relaxation, which in turn favours the absorption of energy. Reiki is relaxing and increases your inner well-being, is perfect against stress, recharges your batteries, wind down to get your inner peace back:

“Whether stress at work or at home –Reiki helps to relax and regain your center.”

But Reiki is also getting in touch with your intuition, your life path and purpose, your inner voice, a spiritual path to yourself.
The reiki receiver gains more vitality through Reiki. Life light, the
quintessential power is strengthened; your own inner doctor is awakened. For this reason, any healing through Reiki will always be very individually tailored to the patient receiving it.

Mikao Usui

Whatever happens will always be in the best interest of the receiver, independently of time and space, and even at a great distance.

Reiki complements other healing methods as massages, homeopathy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, etc, as well as more conventional medical treatments.

Reiki works on the physical level by:

  • reducing pain
  • stimulating blood circulation
  • detoxifying
  • cleansing
  • relaxing
  • warming
  • wound healing
  • preventing diseases

  • Reiki works on the emotional level by:

  • relaxing
  • conveying trust
  • boosting vitality
  • leading to inner balance
  • unblocking emotions
  • promoting love
  • and compassion

  • Reiki works on the mental level by:

  • Freeing you from everyday stress
  • Improving your ability to learn
  • Promoting the recognition and release of negative thought patterns

  • Through our work, we would like the fulfilment of this Japanese reiki

    “Sho-fuku no hiho” – The secret art of inviting happiness