“There is the possibility to choose energetic work without any loss of quality as a telephone or remote

This is possible due to the fact that energy is effectively out of time and
“The only existing limits are the ones in the heads of the

Everything on this planet is vibration and energy, including us humans, as we are made of vibration and energy information. For this reason illness has to be regarded primarily as a disorder in the vibration patterns in the suffering person!

Everything is connected and it is therefore possible to introduce energy information and restore energy fields over any distance during treatment. Remote treatments are energy treatments; they initiate and activate the self-healing potential in the cases of acute and chronic ailments, offer help to people who haven’t got the necessary mobility to come on site and are also used in the cases of animal treatments.

Please send us a picture (we recommend a good recent picture of high resolution) and a short description of your symptoms and ailments by email or through the post. We will also need your address and phone number!

These kind of distance treatments are only conducted prior arrangement.

We will give you an appointment –in the same way we do with on site treatments. We are convinced that any assistance will take place the moment you are ready and ask for it.
“The power of the spiritual healing energy unfolds on all areas starting from the spiritual down to the more physical problems.”