Healing with DI (Divine Intervention) is unique and extremely powerful in its kind.

DI is a spiritual healing technique following the tradition of the Mexican curanderos that has been transmitted and shared for centuries in a continuous line of initiated master healers.

Curanderos are Mexican shamans who heal with healing energy, light and sacred geometry. The knowledge of the curanderos goes back to the traditions of Mayas and Aztecs. Thanks to Selena Rodriguez, this (secret) knowledge from the curanderos reached Europe shortly.

“The special thing about this method is that certain dimensions are associated with a specific hertz frequency.”

This helps to apply the laws of higher Physics. The combined effect of the earth forces and the universe makes it possible to dissolve old patterns, tumor energies and manifestations on the physical and the emotional levels, as well as initiating curing of illnesses.

“Divine Intervention extinguishes disharmonious energies of the system.”

The curanderos know 144 dimensions, in which they invalidate one out of the otherwise valid physical laws.
Through the transformation of the energy field in a matter of seconds we place all forms of blockages, pathogenic energies, non-vital body components and energy distortions in a state that removes them out of the body because they are unable to keep up with the constant changes in the energy field. The disease producing information flow and the non-vital parts (tissue/ cell) may leave the client’s system. For this to happen, the electromagnetic waves will keep on separating into electric and
magnetic waves which sets the body into a very powerful and clear predisposition for healing.

For the fraction of seconds, the energy again at a very high frequency and speed, by remembering the “beinghealthy state”. For this treatment, what the healer does is changing the dimension and level of frequency for the client.

In the infinity of the moment, Divine Intervention opens up access to higher levels of consciousness
where miracles are possible.