“Enderezamiento Divino – the spiritual straightening of the
path of life®”…

… with the spiritual healers Lutz and Bettina Meyer

The spiritual spinal straightening is the result of the spiritual straightening of the path of life, in which the true alignment and purpose of the soul are brought into harmony with our daily life, work and experience.

The release of the blockages on all levels releases new forces that were previously bound. This increases the potential for implementing and realizing your own life plan.

The treatment with the “Enderezamiento Divino – the spiritual straightening of the path of life®” creates the balance for psychological, emotional, mental issues, there is an intensive stimulus for powerful
regeneration and self-healing.

We now know that all physical diseases and processes originate on the spiritual level and that emotional, psychological and mental problems are responsible for diseases on the physical level. Most diseases, especially the chronic forms, are treated with drugs that cure the symptom but do not remove the cause of the disorder.

“Enderezamineto Divino – the spiritual straightening of the path of life®” works directly on the level of basic cause, covers the whole person with all its facets, heals directly on a spiritual level.“

For those seeking help, the Endarezamiento Divino – the Spiritual Straightening of the Path of Life® ”begins with an introduction to the topic.
This lecture is aimed at those seeking help themselves and also at accompanying persons, if they also want to find out more. In this way, the participants are prepared for the treatment, which is
characterized by intensive power transmission. Powerful healing processes for body, mind and soul are able to take place

  • completely without touching the person
  • without any manipulation to the body or skeleton
  • blockages in the path of life are eliminated
  • the spine straightens up spontaneously
  • healing processes are initiated and
  • karmic burdens are neutralized
  • mental patterns are receiving a reset to be corrected.

  • As a holistic treatment of the human being, the “Endarezamiento Divino the mental straightening of the path of life®” is not limited to individual symptoms, but dissolves the responsible causal disorders in the mind,
    brain and organs, so that the symptoms – being released by redemption of the responsible causes – can completely disappear.

    As an external sign of a wrong development in the path of life, the spine, the pelvis and also the shoulder blades show the persons inner conflict
    by their abnormal position and thus directly demonstrate the complete integration of body, mind and soul.

    Through the transfer of the power of the universal spirit, the
    “Enderezamiento Divino – the spiritual straightening of the path of life®” is an act of all-encompassing help that comes from the very highest level itself.

    “This moment, in which” Enderezamiento Divino – the spiritual straightening of the path of life® “takes place, is a moment in which one can recognize divine activity in oneself”.

    As part of the “Enderezamiento Divino – the spiritual straightening of the
    path of life®” experience has shown that the soul opens for a short time for new, helpful information and is also grateful to receive other redeeming, healing and liberating spiritual energies. This results in a comprehensive and high-energy treatment that does not require repetition.