Metamorphosis is a body related therapy. It is also called
prenatal massage.

Metamorphosis means transformation. Accordingly, the treatment is aimed at transforming the energy patterns that have solidified in the prenatal phase or in an earlier human incarnation.
This therapy is based on a traditional Chinese method of treating the feet, which is based on the assumption that the cause of the disease can be found in a mental principle that states that we create emotional, mental and physical disagreements due to mental blockages and resistance.

The English naturopath Robert St. John discovered connections to the prenatal phase in certain areas of the reflex zones of the feet and
developed a therapy that emphasizes these 9 months of pregnancy.

“Through metamorphosis we uncover and correct disorders originated during the prenatal period.”

What matters are the life patterns that we create in the womb or that we inherit from our family. Those patterns can be passed on by the mother
or the father to the unborn child. Therefore, our life energy cannot flow freely and this hinders the full development of our potential.

When applying metamorphosis we concentrate mainly on your feet, even though there are other parts that may be treated as well, like head and

There are three main areas associated with different issues in the
metamorphosis treatment:

  • The foot lines relate to different prenatal patterns of our Being
  • The hand lines determine our actions and application of thinking patterns
  • The head lines concern the thought patterns
  • For this reason, the work done on those three lines, foot, hand and head,
    is correlated to work done on the centre of movement, centre of action, and centre of our thinking.

    Metamorphosis treatment can be applied in a follow-up treatment,
    together with spiritual healing through hand laying or also as a distance
    The treatment lasts around 45 minutes.

    Who can benefit from Metamorphosis?

  • everyone with unexplained fears
  • people who suffer from depression
  • children
  • disabled people (both physically and mentally)
  • pregnant women
  • elderly
  • sick people (any physical illness is always linked to spiritual and mental blockages)
  • „Metamorphosis is the movement away from what I am to
    what I can be and with full awareness of my potential.” (Alexander Toskar)